David Ari Leon is a multiple award-winning and Emmy-nominated composer and music supervisor who has solidified himself as a significant figure in today’s music scene.

With an array of cutting-edge sonic palettes ranging from soothing instrumental soundscapes to electrifying hard rock anthems, he brings his signature blend of acute classical expertise and emotive pop ethos to countless films, video games, albums and TV shows. His music can currently be heard on ABC’s hit show, “Sea Rescue” as part of Litton’s Weekend Adventure. He’s also raising mobile game music to new heights with his immensely popular music. His recent games include Woody Woodpecker (Universal), an “iPhone Game of the Week,” and Contre Jour (Electronic Arts), the No. 1 selling game app in iTunes, and iPad Game of the Year” in more than 10 countries by Apple.

As a songwriter Leon has created numerous theme songs for both Fox and Marvel Entertainment, including The Avengers’ “Fight as One,” which has since become a runaway viral smash hit.

In 1996 and 2001, Leon supervised music for the film adaptation of Fox Family Channel’s “Les Miserables” starring John Malkovich, and for the ABC Family TV series, “State of Grace,” featuring Frances McDormand, respectively. Currently, Leon has on-screen music credits in about 30 films, and in more than 1,500 TV show episodes including: Fox’s “Spiderman Unlimited” and UPN’s “Incredible Hulk.”

Leon’s version of The Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday” for the Rockabye Baby! album series landed him atop the Billboard charts, ranking #3 among Kids Albums and #111 on the Top 200. In addition, Leon was a five-time featured performer on NPR’s “Morning Edition” for his piano arrangements of popular works.

A Los Angeles-based composer, Leon received a bachelor’s degree in music composition from UCLA. While at the university, he interned with Academy Award-nominated composers Mark Isham and Danny Elfman. Leon’s first film credit was while working with Elfman doing orchestrations on Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed” in 1990. Shortly thereafter, Leon earned an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Music Director” for his work on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.”

Prior to founding SoundMind Music, a music company that oversees the entire music package for a project, Leon was vice president of Music at Fox. So far, SoundMind has many clients including luminaries such as: Marvel, Lionsgate, Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, DC Comics, ABC, Sea World, Chillingo and Electronic Arts.